Creative, unconventional, market and target-oriented

Fascinating marketing for fascinating technology – griffity knows the colours that get the results. It’s not always easy to find the right shade between riotous and restrained, prime and pastel – especially in B2B, where first appearances last. We at griffity know how to add the right dash of colour to be noticed – and leave a positive impression. With a sense for detail.

We colour your marketing – we’ve been developing the sense of detail required at griffity since 1985. We mostly serve companies from the high-tech sector with our expertise in style and colour, analytical creativity rather than unbridled imagination, emotional intelligence rather than pigeonholing, and the technical know-how and communication skills to make complex issues accessible. We get straight to the point with fresh new ideas – a strength in the IT industry.

Complex project, tight schedule? We’d love to show you how we can tackle it together with you as our client.

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