Sparkling advertising ideas that pay off

Surprise, Surprise… who wouldn’t say “no” to an unexpected gift? Its those little gestures that can make all the difference: Advertising materials make you likable and strengthen customer loyalty while also communicating your message.

We at griffity provide support in selecting the appropriate giveaways for any occasion. We will also have them manufactured directly in China on request. Want to pep up office life amongst your customers? Give an event that extra touch? Or bring some zing into those daily hours in front of the PC? At your service. We provide consultation and support with individual advertising materials with useful office helpers such as pens, USB sticks and notebooks, and electronic giveaways such as travel adapters, smartphone telephoto lenses and mini solar chargers. Our range of advertising materials naturally includes lanyards, T-shirts and event sets for events, road shows and trade fairs. Looking for seasonal and holiday-themed items, or giveaways for advertising campaigns such as sports events and public happenings? We provide not only original ideas, but also customised gifts for customers.

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