Adobe – Tekom 2013-2017

We’ve been taking care of the event’s professional organisation since 2013. This includes fair construction and equipment for the Adobe Tekom booth, which holds a fascinating programme of talks and presentations. We prefer to keep the exhibit in a familiar general style with different nuances each year; these nuances include the colour scheme. This ensures a high level of recognition while still bringing new elements into the overall exhibit. The LCD tower with its spacey look is a particular eye-catcher that can be seen from far afield, and has proven highly effective at attracting visitors to the booth. Most of the visitors obviously come to see the Adobe team and find out about the company’s new products and solutions, but there’s no secret to the “Barista man” as a major attraction with his excellent coffee-making and serving abilities. A voucher for a hot steaming cup of wake-you-up is included in the bag with the conference documents.

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